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“Let go of him.”

Yue Chenqing’s soul was on the verge of leaving his body, and only after being trodden on by Murong Lian several times, did he pitifully let go.

Like the rumours of Li Qingqian’s subduing of ghosts on Maidens’ Lament, a group of women dressed in crimson clothes with slippers embroidered in gold thread on their feet emerged continuously from the dark shadows, grinning eerily as they cried tears of blood. Their numbers increasing, the female corpses congregated within the cave, appearing from dimly lit places, from behind the stone pillars, and even surfacing from the lake.

Mo Xi and Murong Lian took care of a side each, and Yue Chenqing couldn’t help feel like crying as he watched them move further and further away as they fought.

His voice quivered as he said: “Xihe-Jun, Murong-dage, what should I do?”

Although there were no new corpses popping out from where he was standing, the terrain surrounding him was complex; what if there was a pair of strange, blood-shot eyes filled with malicious intent secretly staring at him in the dark without him knowing?

However, as things tend to go, the last thing you would want to happen, would instead be the most likely to. “What if” often became reality.   

Just as Yue Chenqing had banished this terrifying notion, he suddenly felt a slight chill run up from the base of his neck. He slowly turned his head to take a look, and from behind a hidden pile of rocks high above him, part of a deathly pale face was exposed, dripping with two streaks of bloody tears——

A woman was lying behind the rock and staring at him!

All Yue Chenqing could feel was his head exploding with a “buzz” as he shivered. When people were the most frightened, they would usually call for the person they trusted the most, and as such, the words that rolled out from between his trembling lips was: ”F…F-F-Fourth Uncle!!”

His Fourth Uncle was not present, and obviously could not save him.

It was only after Yue Chenqing was done shivering that he thought of this – even if he continuously yelled “Save me, Fourth Uncle!”, there were only the heartless Murong Lian and Mo Xi in this cave. He had to choose between the two.

He then looked to his left and right, and by chance he saw that to the left, with a kick of Mo Xi’s long leg, he swept down an entire row of female corpses. Suddenly feeling as if a God had descended to earth, he hurriedly began to run towards him.

But just that moment, the woman hiding behind the rock twisted the corners of her mouth exaggeratedly, revealing a set of pearly white teeth. With one giggle, her beautiful face twisted;two giggles, and out flowed tears of blood; as she slowly crawled out from the depths of the rock, she let out a distressing third giggle: “Hee…”

Three giggles and none may pass!!

Immediately after the third giggle, the female corpse’s resentment grew explosively. Her eyes rolled in her head. In a flash, they were entirely bloodshot, turned scarlet, and her fingernails on all ten fingers grew several times their lengths with a zing. She shrieked at the sky, then suddenly charged at Yue Chenqing!!

“Ah——!” Unbelievably, Yue Chenqing had forgotten how to even fight back. He was the most terrified of female ghosts dressed in red and embroidered shoes, and seeing her approach, he could not help but let out a blood-curdling scream, practically crying as he called out: “Fourth Uncle!!”

It was at this critical life or death situation, when he heard the sudden boom of thunder; a flash of lightning struck right in front of Yue Chenqing, and a string of reddish-gold light sparked across the ground, lighting up in a raging blaze! Right after, a figure leaped into the air, the sizzling rays of light reflecting on him as he descended in front of Yue Chenqing’s eyes.

The man turned his head sideways, and the fire crackled. That profile of his was heroically dazzling, his pupils glowing coldly in a faint blue.

Gu Mang?!

Yue Chenqing was dumbstruck for a moment, only regaining his senses after a while. No, that’s not right, it’s the bamboo warrior. His uncle’s bamboo warrior had come to save him, and Gu Mang was just strapped onto the bamboo warrior and couldn’t move. Before his thoughts could escalate, the bamboo warrior raised its arm, and a black iron knife protruded from the centre of its weapon compartment, then rushed towards that grinning female corpse as swift as lightning.

Both sides battled like dragon against tiger1[龙虎 means dragon and tiger, and is a phrase to refer to outstanding people], engaging in a fierce fight. 

Finally, Yue Chenqing felt his fear subside and was able to move. Hurriedly, he shouted with enthusiasm: “Go, go, Fourth Uncle!”

After thinking about it, he felt that something wasn’t right, then shouted: “Go, go, Bamboo Warrior!”

But not even a moment passed, before he saw the female corpse’s filthy blood spray on Gu Mang’s face. Gu Mang’s expression was murderous, and it seemed that if he was not bound up at the moment, he would also toy with the female corpse’s life, and shouted: “Gu….uh…Go, go Gu Mang!”

The bamboo warrior was exceptionally bold and powerful, and after a fierce confrontation with the female corpse, he suddenly hopped backwards, then with a gleam of its blade’s edge, it leaped into the air——all that could be seen was a gust of wind past, and it had already killed the female corpse, filthy blood spraying for several feet!

The female corpse froze in place, then with a plunk she was split into two, and collapsed on the ground.

Yue Chenqing: “……Woah, too gross……”

After the bamboo warrior was done slicing through the female corpse, it still seemed unsatisfied. Holding up the long blade dripping with blood, he closed in on Yue Chenqing with heavy footsteps.With a swish, he pointed the blade at Yue Chenqing’s throat.

Yue Chenqing: “…Big Bro…Wait no, Fourth Uncle… er, or maybe Gu Mang?” After trying a few different ways of addressing but feeling that none were appropriate, he decided not to address him at all. Carefully, he waved his hand, “You’re pointing your knife at the wrong person, I’m not a female ghost, don’t attack me…”

Gu Mang lowered his pair of faint blue eyes, looking down at him.

After a while, the blade of the knife twisted; still dripping with corpse blood, it tapped against Yue Chenqing’s face not too heavily or lightly, as if disciplining a junior.

Just then, a strong gust of wind suddenly blew in from high above, and red clothes swept past his eyes, startling Yue Chenqing. Before he had a chance to say anything, he was pushed away by the bamboo warrior!

Thump. Yue Chenqing avoided the attack, but Gu Mang, who was tied to the bamboo warrior, was scratched on his face by the female ghost.

“…” Gu Mang was unable to move nor talk, but from the look in his eyes, it was obvious that he had been enraged. His snow wolf eyes glinted with ferocity, and scarlet flowed from the wound on his cheek.

As for that female corpse that had successfully launched a sneak attack, she was still grinning from the same place, as if celebrating her success. But not too long after her complacency had set in, as if sensing something, she suddenly lowered her head and stared at her right hand dripping with blood, and was shocked.

Soon after, her entire face began to twist, becoming extremely alarmed, and extremely frightened. She then raised her voice, and holding her hand, she faced Gu Mang and let out an indistinctly deep howl of “Ahhh”.

It seemed as if she was pleading at Gu Mang for something!?

Before Yue Chenqing even had the time to be amazed by this scene, an even more astonishing sight appeared. Seeing that Gu Mang did not react, the female corpse suddenly knelt down on the ground with a thud, extended the sharp claws of her other hand, and unexpectedly, cut off her own right hand!

“…Oh…My…God…” Yue Chenqing had no idea whether he should be disgusted or shocked. The heavy stench of rotten corpse and blood was overwhelming, and made him almost throw up.

But that female corpse was even more unbelievable. Trembling, she used her only hand to grab that broken arm on the ground, and presented it to Gu Mang as she quivered, entirely self-punishing and begging for forgiveness. The continuous whimpers of “Ah, ahh” escaped from her mouth.

Gu Mang’s blue eyes shifted, and stared at that broken arm dripping with blood for a while. Yue Chenqing could not tell if he was seeing things, but he felt that the colour of Gu Mang’s pupils grew duller by the minute.

“Hm? Why is there wind…” Yue Chenqing was startled for a moment. “A gust of wind starting to blow?”

The wind came from the soles of the bamboo warrior’s feet, that is, from under Gu Mang’s feet, emanating like ripples. Although Gu Mang’s expression was vicious, he did not have a strong murderous intent. The wind was also not terribly strong, but wherever it passed, those female corpses froze in place one after another, and when they reacted, they would shriek and tremble, one by one, falling to their knees while shaking, remaining motionless as they bowed their heads.

In the blink of an eye, all of the corpses were kneeling towards Gu Mang.

Yue Chenqing was completely unable to react to this turn of events, and Murong Lian’s eyes widened . Mo Xi’s complexion also paled, yet he wasn’t looking at the female corpses, but at Gu Mang’s face——

The hierarchy of things such as corpses were very defined, and they were only afraid of corpses, malicious ghosts and resentful spirits of a higher ranking than them. But at this very moment, these women who died tragically were one after another, bowing in respect to Gu Mang, even producing a low cry in unison, an unmistakable sound of begging him for forgiveness.

Was it purely because there was a large amount of demonic energy residing within Gu Mang?

Gu Mang seemed extremely irritable; his blue eyes rolled around, and although he remained silent, the direction of the winds shifted. The female corpses’ shrieks rose and fell and black cloud was released from the bodies of each and every one of them, all of it gathering towards where Gu Mang’s heart was positioned.  

He was absorbing their demonic energy!?!

As more and more of the demonic energy was stolen, the female corpses twitched like fish on the verge of death. Then, one after another, they collapsed, their demonic resentment leaving their bodies,  and turned into the most average of corpses. Out of the corpses, some of them had already been dead for a long time, and once freed of their resentment, they rapidly rotted and decayed, turning into blackened, putrid, rotten corpses, while others had just been killed recently, and remnants of their daintiness while alive could be seen.

Yue Chenqing gathered his wits and looked at the nearest one in disgust. She seemed to be the missing Yu-Niang from the brothel…

When Murong Lian saw what had happened, he suddenly came forward in large strides, grabbed Gu Mang by the neck, gritting his teeth as he said: “I knew it….You’re a liar! You really had colluded with that person from the Liao Kingdom that had escaped! What on earth are you trying to do?!”

But at this moment, after swallowing so much demonic energy from those female corpses, Gu Mang was like a beast who had stuffed himself full; his head immediately tilted to the side, and unexpectedly, he shut his eyes and dozed off on the bamboo warrior, completely unaware of Murong Lian’s fury.

“You——!” Murong Lian seethed, and was about to increase the strength of his grip, when he was restrained.

He sharply turned his head, and saw Mo Xi’s face in the shadows of the murky cave.

Mo Xi grabbed Murong Lian’s hand, and without a word, slowly put it down.

He appeared to be very courteous, not saying anything he shouldn’t have, but only Murong Lian knew how much strength he was using, and his own bones were nearly crushed through his skin.  

Murong Lian said maliciously, “What are you doing?”

“Let go of him.”

Murong Lian wrinkled his nose, and growled, “He’s an accomplice!”

Mo Xi said, “He isn’t.”

“He isn’t?! What do you mean he isn’t? Did you not see how with just a drop of blood he made those female corpses cut off their own arms, and how with just a glare he made them drop to their knees?! Did you not see that just by twitching, he could seize all of their energy and make it his?!”

Mo Xi said angrily: “If he truly knew how to control them, and was partners with that man from the Liao Kingdom, would you be able to stand here right now without a single scratch?!”

“…” At Mo Xi’s rebuttal, Murong Lian was momentarily speechless. Yet, he still wanted to say something; his face, that had paled from being choked up with resentment, slowly turned red.

After a long while, he said: “Alright…haha, you make a good point, you’re defending him on his behalf. I don’t think you remember in the slightest what he had done before, how cunning he was, what a…what a…” He ruthlessly spat out the last few words, “liar he is!”

“There is no need for you to remind me,” Mo Xi said, “what kind of person he is.” 

“No need for me to remind you?” Murong Lian laughed out loud, and after laughing, the expression on his face could almost be regarded as twisted, “Even if I reminded you, you’ve already turned a deaf ear to me! You even dare to say that you have no personal motives——What a wonderful Xihe-Jun, you should keep on protecting him, then…I’m afraid you’ve already forgotten how your father died!”

Mo Xi’s beautifully stoic and fair face immediately lost all colour, and his ruthless glare practically stabbed through Murong Lian.

Despite this, Murong Lian was extremely delighted——there wasn’t anyone who dared to poke at this sore spot of Mo Xi’s, or remind Mo Xi of the cause of his father’s death back then.

Yet Murong Lian stubbornly dared to bring it up, just because he could. He had pinpointed that although Mo Xi was usually an irascible individual, he was someone who was quieter than anyone else when faced with something major. 

Chuckling, his alluring, snow fox-like sanpaku eyes shot a glance at Gu Mang, then fell back on Mo Xi’s handsome face. He lifted his chin, and whispered: “Oh righteous and just Xihe-Jun, how deep the brotherly love runs. I pray that you may follow in your esteemed father’s footsteps as soon as possible.”

Mo Xi’s flames of fury seemed to have hit the ceiling in the blink of an eye, but just as Murong Lian had predicted, he was not the kind of person who let himself get heated up and fury blind his rationality.

He stared into Murong Lian’s eyes for a while, then lifted a hand and pushed him away, his military boots and blade clanking as he walked into the depths of the karst cave without so much as looking back. 

“Murong-dage, you…you…ai.” After watching this scene from the sidelines, Yue Chenqing was left speechless. He didn’t want to spend any more time talking to Murong Lian, so with the bamboo warrior in tow, he chased after Mo Xi’s figure, clanking with every step, “Xihe-Jun, wait for me. It’s dangerous for you to go alone…”

Footsteps echoed throughout the cavern.

Murong Lian stood in place, raised his head, and looked towards the endless darkness of the cave, then closed his eyes, the corners of his mouth twisting into a cruel and sardonic sneer. Then, he slowly followed behind.

They arrived at the source of the green light, and stopped there.

This was the last cavern in the cave, hidden behind a stone forest. That flickering green light was actually a protective barrier casted at the entrance of the cavern.

Mo Xi only gave it one look, then said, “Divine Repelling Barrier.”

All the decent countries across the Nine Provinces of the mainland practiced the righteous path of cultivation, and the names of their skills were generally “Demon Repelling”, “Ghost Repelling” or “Evil Repelling”. It went without saying that for a defensive barrier to be called “Divine Repelling”, it was most probably from the Liao Kingdom.

“Is it difficult to dispel?”

“Not difficult.” Mo Xi said, “But it takes time.”

Dispelling the Divine Repelling Barrier indeed took a long time and was complex. Mo Xi raised his left hand that was bound with a wrist guard, closed his eyes, and meditated silently in his heart. It took a long time before the green light began to dim little by little under the palm of his hand, and the light array slowly faded away… 

As the only remnant of light disappeared, a soft laugh echoed from within the cavern, and that apparition’s voice thundered from its deepest parts: “Since you’ve broken through the final hurdle…”

After a pause, the voice said eerily: “Then please, may the three esteemed lords come on in.”

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“The soon-to-be-wed mountain bride, she weeps at night,
First she loathes her haplessness,
Second, the misfortune of her beauty,
Third, the eternal separation from her groom.”

“A red wedding shawl over her back, a golden crown on her head,
One giggle twists her beautiful face,
Two giggles and tears of blood flow,
Three giggles and none may pass.” 2[in case it’s not obvious, we’re using our translation, but meatbun had pasted the text in chinese here]

into English with Google Translate. 

“Ghost maiden, crying at night, hating duckweed body, hate red and thin, three hates and Lang Yongshi wrong.

The red scorpion, the golden crown, a smile and a miserable, two smiles and tears, three laughter can not go. ”3[seal: this is clearly why mtl is a mistake OIGHOLDSKGSDLHg]

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