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This room was where he and Gu Mang had most of their trysts in.

That’s right, it was in this direction.

The silver needle on Mo Xi’s ring glowed brighter and brighter with every step he took.

Mo Xi stopped in front of a narrow servant’s room, slowing down his slightly hurried breathing. He lifted his pale, elegant and slender finger, and the needle had once again turned back into the pattern of a flying serpent——Gu Mang was inside.

Gu Mang had been drugged; at this moment, his heart’s greatest desire was inevitably lust, and this room… 

Mo Xi’s Adam apple bobbed.

——This room was where he and Gu Mang had most of their trysts in.

Back then, Murong Lian was despicable and shameless1[seal: what, u mean he isn’t now?], and after the first great war, he snatched away all of Gu Mang’s achievements on the battlefields. As a result, the Emperor bestowed on him the most extravagant of rewards, while Gu Mang remained a little nameless slave of the Wangshu Manor.

After returning from the battle field, he was hidden deep within the royal manor, away from prying eyes. As such, all Mo Xi could do was restrain his desires, enduring it silently—one month, two months……until he finally could no longer hold it back. It seemed like Gu Mang was also unable to come find him, so Mo-gongzi had no choice but to put on a serious expression, and condescend himself to pay a visit to the Wangshu Manor——

He had originally only wanted to use discussing military affairs with Murong Lian as an excuse, to have a quick look at Gu Mang.

But the housekeeper said that Murong Lian was cultivating in seclusion at the martial arts grounds, and was unable to come out any time soon. He suggested that if Mo-gongzi did not mind, he could take a stroll in the back garden, and have a servant follow and wait upon him. 

Mo Xi said very calmly, then please invite Gu Mang, he is considered an old friend.

This was not a terribly rude request, and Gu Mang just happened to be unoccupied, so the housekeeper ordered someone to bring him over. 

Mo-gongzi and Murong-gongzi clashed like fire meeting water; for Mo Xi to grace the Wangshu Manor with his presence, it was even more unexpected than the Emperor himself personally coming to visit.

The housekeeper instructed him: “Young Master needs two hours before he can come out, take Mo-gongzi to stroll around the manor and keep him good company.”

Gu Mang said: “…Understood…”

Mo Xi glanced at him, then shifted his gaze away indifferently.

The Wangshu Manor was divided into seven compounds. The first five compounds were frequented by many, and the latter two mostly served the purpose of a decorative courtyard, and for planting magical plants and fragrant herbs. On the average day, most servants would not come here.

Mo Xi walked in front, with Gu Mang following in tow, and they walked from the front courtyard to the back. Along the way, he introduced to Mo Xi the scenery, the layout of the rooms, and courtyards of the Wangshu Manor.

The two of them appeared so overly distant and courteous, to the extent that the Imperial guards and house servants who passed by them could not tell that there was anything strange between them in the slightest, but only Mo Xi knew how anxious he himself was at that time.

He had obviously very much wanted to speak to Gu Mang alone, very much wanted to look into his eyes, and very much wanted to tear him apart and consume this man who at that time still belonged to Murong Lian whole, leaving not even a trace of flesh or bones.

But he had to hold himself back.

“To the left is the qin2[A type of traditional Chinese stringed instrument, better known in modern times as the guqin] room, and during his free time, our Young Master will go there to play the qin. There is a five-stringed scorched tail dragontree wood qin3[A type of qin design. More info], and is a relic left behind by a prince in the past…”

The deeper they walked into the courtyard, the lesser the people in the surroundings, and the hotter his heart burned, his blood seemingly a blazing trail of fire.

When they finally walked into a medicinal garden, there was no one else around. Gu Mang said: “There are seven hundred and sixty five varieties of medicines planted in the medicinal courtyard, and among them——”

He never finished saying what was among them, because the young master Mo in front of him suddenly halted his footsteps. Gu Mang was not paying attention, and had continued to walk forward, and so caught off his guard, he bumped into the broad expanse of his back.

Mo Xi turned around and silently looked at him.

“…What do you want?”

“You…” Mo Xi’s expression stiffened. He clearly longed for, and cherished him so much, but while standing right in front of Gu Mang, and seeing Gu Mang’s indifferent attitude, he also felt that he was practically worthless. Unable to tear down his ego, he thus said stiffly, “Do you not have anything you want to say to me?”

Gu Mang muttered to himself for a while, then rubbed his nose and said with a smile: “Gongzi, it’s been a while?”


“Hey, stop staring at me, you already know I’ve been pretty busy. I have to wipe the tables, and also chop firewood, and also catch the insects attacking the cauliflower, these are all really important…”

The colour on Mo Xi’s face grew darker with every word, carrying an expression as if his heart was being choked by poisonous gas.

But back then, Gu Mang never did confirm whether their relationship was that of actual lovers or otherwise, and when they were in the army, he had shamelessly said that this kind of thing is very normal, young man, there’s no need to be so serious when sleeping together.

That young man’s heart was on the verge of being boiled over by this old ruffian. As it happened, this ruffian was still hammering on about his “important matters” at the Wangshu Manor——as if the majestic eldest young master of the Mo Family was not nearly as important as the tattered table of Murong-gongzi’s residence. It made Mo Xi hate that he couldn’t throw a fireball to destroy Murong Lian’s desk, and see if there’s anything left for Gu Mang to wipe!

Gu Mang continued to ramble on endlessly about how demanding Murong-gongzi was regarding the desks, something about how the narra tabletops needed to be shiny enough to see his reflection in. Just as he’d spoken halfway, the world spun before his eyes, and by the time he regained his bearings, he had already been pinned against the wall by Mo Xi.


You what? He didn’t finish what he had to say. The towering figure of that man pressed down onto him, and his frosty face leaned in; with one hand holding his waist, and the other supported against the wall by the side of his cheek, he lowered his head, lips sealing off his muttering, silencing him immediately.

Mo Xi’s kiss was so fervent, that it seemed as if he was pouring out all of his desires onto the man in his arms, but also as if he was trying to devour and claim Gu Mang whole, his every movement charged with an astonishing desire to dominate and control. His breathing was so urgent, and his lips so heated. As if the glacial-like, standoffish Mo-gongzi that everyone saw was a completely different person that had nothing to do with him whatsoever.

“You’re crazy…This is the Wangshu Manor…” Amidst the slide of their lips and teeth, Gu Mang regained his senses, and firmly broke away from Mo Xi’s control, his slicklips gasping for breath, “Someone will see!”

Gu Mang was too heavy-handed, and Mo Xi never intended to resist. He groaned, the other’s shove unexpectedly dislocating his elbow.

“……Fuck.” Gu Mang didn’t expect that Mo Xi wouldn’t defend himself, and that he would actually succeed, immediately feeling quite embarrassed. His throat bobbled, then he said, “Alright alright alright, you’re crazy, I give in. I was wrong, alright? Let me help you set it.”

He reached out to help Mo Xi set the bone, but that young master unexpectedly turned and avoided him, and refused to let him touch it, only glaring at him fiercely.

“……Big bro, I’m on my knees already, let me set it okay? If not, when the Young Master comes out and sees that his guest is injured and asks me how it happened, what would I say?”

Gu Mang muttered; this guy who could sweep away everything before his eyes amidst the smokes of war,, was in fact someone that could piss anyone off on sight no matter where he went off the battlefield.

“Surely I can’t say it was done by me, right?”

Mo Xi did not say a word, yet that face of his remained chilly. But upon closer look, there was a certain, extremely dangerous emotion rushing forth from the depths of his eyes. It was just that at this moment, it was still being reigned in by him.

After being in a deadlock for a spell, suddenly, he stiffly repeated his question once more: “Do you not have anything you want to say to me?”

“……I do.”


“Did you get struck by a repetition spell?”

He took one look at Mo Xi’s complexion, then hurriedly laughed: “Ai, ai, ai! I was wrong, I was wrong!”

Mo Xi said angrily: “Don’t touch me! I can set it myself.”

“No you can’t! Your healing magic and skills are too crappy!”

Mo Xi’s expression darkened further.

But he was trapped by Gu Mang, and Gu Mang laughed, the glee of a successful prank laced between his cheerful laughter. Then, he suddenly moved in closer, and gave Mo Xi a kiss on the cheek.


“Why is there no reaction from my princess, Your Highness?” Gu Mang stroked his chin and mumbled, “I’ll kiss one more time then.”

Again, he pecked him several more times to make up for his previous transgression, before finally, Mo-gongzi reluctantly allowed him to set his bone. When the bone was reset with a clack, although it clearly didn’t hurt very much, Mo Xi’s eyes that were staring intently at him were slightly damp with red.

“Hey, you……” Gu Mang wanted to take a closer look, but his face met with the palm of Mo-gongzi’s hand, shoving away that face as thick as the city walls. He shifted his eyes, preventing him from seeing clearly.

After a long silence, Mo Xi slanted his head and said: “I haven’t seen you in two months.”

“Nah. It’s still twelve days short.”

Mo Xi swiftly turned his head back and glared at him viciously.

Gu Mang crossed his arms, unruffled as he leaned against the whitewashed wall. He smiled at him, slightly lifting his chin.

“Find somewhere no one will see.” The young master said at last, his face carrying a serious look.

In actual fact, after having not met for so long, it really wasn’t just one of them who couldn’t restrain himself any longer; it was just that Mo Xi had disguised it with coldness and arrogance, whereas Gu Mang had merely substituted in blitheness and a devil-may-care attitude as his cover.

Yet when they embraced and grinded against each other, both young men burned with a torturous need, until Gu Mang finally led them to an unremarkable shack. The hint was far too obvious, and the moment they entered, Gu Mang was pushed heavily against the door, and all that could be heard in the dark, windowless shack was the muffled, rough gasps of men, and the sounds of kissing and making out.

Gu Mang opened his eyes, his neck bitten, sucked at and kissed, and between the waves of ardent pleasure, he still remembered to gasp: “Don’t bite me so high up, it’ll be…it’ll be seen by my Young Master…”

Mentioning Murong Lian at this time was evidently not the wisest of decisions; Mo Xi paused for a moment, as if he was fiercely reigning in some kind of terrifying desire within him. Gu Mang panted under him for a while, and after a few moments of silence, he was roughly flipped over all of the sudden, exposing his back…

Ripping open his belt, he pressed Gu Mang in that position against the door. It was as if Mo Xi had been silently enduring some sort of colossal injustice, and without saying a word, he showered kisses upon Gu Mang’s cheek, neck, before finally, he landed on that slave collar shackled on him by Murong Lian.

This chillingly black collar seemed to stab at Mo Xi, reminding him that no matter how much he longed for him, thirsted for him until he hurt, until his heart was practically ripped apart, that the person in his arms still belonged to Murong Lian.

Murong Lian could summon him whenever he wanted. He could torture him however he wanted, he could even dictate if Gu Mang lived or died, if he should receive favours or suffer humiliation——a single shackle, imprisoning his flesh and bones, controlling his entire life. 

He was embracing a man that belonged to Murong Lian.

This kind of jealousy seared the rims of Mo Xi’s eyes, causing him to pull Gu Mang’s face towards his even more recklessly, making Gu Mang strenuously turn his head around to kiss him with his front pressed against the door. The darkness caused the raging wildfire in his heart to burn intensely, their lips and tongues tangling together passionately, in a sticky, wet exchange…

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He quickly disposed of Gu Mang’s clothes, but his own was still left relatively intact. Perhaps sensing the state of dress of the man behind him, Gu Mang said, with a tinge of light-heartedness and humour: “You always come onto me while still fully dressed, but actually…”

The rest of it went unvoiced, turning into a muffled moan.

“Young Master will be out in two hours, you…have to hurry…”

Mo Xi withdrew his slick fingers, held Gu Mang’s waist, his hot, thick cock rubbing between his cheeks before plunging in without a warning.

“Ah…” Gu Mang gasped at once, his waist suddenly going pliant from being penetrated, and all he could do was barely hold himself upright with the door. He could distinctly feel the blisteringly hot length of Mo Xi’s throbbing in him, so hot and so thick, as if it would burn everything inside of him.

Mo Xi panted breathlessly, and holding Gu Mang’s waist, they began to fuck while standing plastered against the door. Although the courtyard where Gu Mang stayed in was isolated, there was no guarantee that no one would pass by, and the door was thin, so he bit down on his lip tightly, and didn’t dare to make a single sound. After thrusting for a while, Mo Xi turned his head to seize his wet lips, his gasps leaking out only when his lips were parted. His panting seemed to have aroused Mo Xi, and the strokes down below began to speed up, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh reverberating. Every shove of Mo Xi’s seemed to breach Gu Mang’s deepest parts, practically shoving his balls into him in their frenzy. Under this brutal fucking, Gu Mang was unable to hold back his gasps: “Ah…ah…”

He struggled in attempt to stop Mo Xi, trying his best to flip himself over to tell Mo Xi something, but Mo Xi only allowed him to turn himself over with the barest movement, pinning Gu Mang down again before he could speak. From the front, he lifted Gu Mang’s legs up high, unwilling to wait even a second before rubbing the thick and hot tip of his cock against the wet, still-loose opening, then plunging in.

“Ahh……ah……you’re too, you’re too deep……Mo Xi……Mo, Mo Xi…… ahhhh……”

Legs lifted, Gu Mang was fucked viciously and mercilessly, and from moaning and panting at the start, to gradually being unable to produce a single word, his only thought was that his stomach was about to be speared through by this man who usually appeared to have no desires whatsoever, his suspended legs tensing subconsciously.

Mo Xi did not like to talk during sex, but that primitive, heated wildness, and that deep gaze that seemed to swallow Gu Mang whole, was enough to make one’s heart tremble, not to mention his thrusts were so brutal, so hard, every stroke delving deep into that wet passage, fevered and rapid.

Perhaps it was the violent shaking of the door that finally pulled Gu Mang’s consciousness back, and at last, he gasped: “Not, not here, let’s go inside…inside… there’s a bed inside…”

What bed? This was practically his dog house.

In this world, he was the only one who could coax the severely germophobic Young Master Mo to sleep with him on that shamefully worn-out, small wooden bed.

“Why not here?”

“S-Someone will……ah……” Gu Mang was never one to have any sense of shame, nor was he well read, so the moment his emotions were thrown into disarray, his words were always embarrassingly blunt and straight to the point. He threw his head back, gasping breathlessly, “Someone will hear you fucking me……ah……”

“You’re afraid someone will hear?”

“N-Nonsense! Daddy’s still depending on his Young Master’s money to support him……ah, ah, ah…..what are you doing?! Not so fast…’re t-too fast……ah……”

Mo Xi only said viciously: “It’d be best if he kicked you out. I’ll support you.”

But even though he said this, he also knew that as soon as their relationship was discovered, it wouldn’t be as simple as Murong Lian driving Gu Mang out, and it was possible that he’d be skinned alive. He picked Gu Mang up in his arms, his cock sliding even deeper into him, impaling Gu Mang until he almost cried out, and then while still buried within him, he carried Gu Mang and walked deeper into the shack.

His arms were strong and sturdy, and Gu Mang wasn’t a weakling, his legs wrapping around Mo Xi’s waist tightly. As he walked, Mo Xi’s cock remained buried in him, faintly grinding against his inner walls, neither too fast nor too slow, but extremely agonising. 

When Gu Mang was brought to the bed by Mo Xi, that powerful, fiery body pressed down on him, raised his legs, and once again, roughly and furiously drove into him, Gu Mang could no longer endure it, moaning breathlessly: “Ah…ah…ah, shidishidi…fuck me here…nn…yes, right there…a little harder…ahhhh…”

Gu Mang had always been like this, never hiding anything, or perhaps it was precisely because he was trying to hide something, that he always put on a brazen exterior, saying things like Whatever, it’s fine, you’re still young, and since I respect my elders and care for my juniors, I’ll let you be on top. We’re both men, it’s fine as long as we both feel good.

But Gu Mang’s body could not withstand this kind of stimulation—he inadvertently had a high tolerance for pain, and the wounds he obtained on the battlefield were nothing to him, yet he couldn’t bear the pleasure of being fucked into. He would always cry in the end, and although he was crying, he still threw himself into entwining with Mo Xi.

When the two of them had sex, it was often like so—Mo Xi would not say much, but Gu Mang would always shamelessly say things that overstimulated him. You’re so big, you’re fucking me so good that I can’t take it anymore, if you go any deeper, I’m gonna break, why are you so hot, why haven’t you come yet…you…how long are you planning to…

Mo Xi would be provoked, aggravated and teased until he was about to lose it, but he couldn’t do anything about him.

Gu Mang was a shameless ruffian, and his mouth loved to spew all sorts of nonsense. Gu Mang was also the lowliest of slaves, so perhaps when he slept with Mo-gongzi, even if he was the one on the bottom, it wasn’t something that he couldn’t let go of easily.

He would even allow, allow…Mo Xi wasn’t sure if it was his own erroneous perception, but he even liked Mo Xi coming inside of him. Mo Xi had once, extremely subtly, asked him about it.

Gu Mang laughed, and he confessed in entirety, saying Yeah, it feels good. Those few strokes feel really good, do you wanna try it out for yourself? Then next time, why don’t you swap with me and—Mo Xi didn’t let him finish, before kissing that mouth that was in need of discipline again, his hips buried in between Gu Mang’s spread thighs, and rocked into him quickly and relentlessly, turning Gu Mang’s flirtatious banter into broken moans. 

Mo Xi was someone who behaved himself.

Yet surprisingly, he loved hearing the slew of incoherent, nearly lewd cries of ecstasy that Gu Mang made in bed; it was just that he did not say so.

At last, they both reached their climax, and Gu Mang was on the verge of exhaustion, his sweat-soaked body lying underneath Mo Xi, his hole still convulsing as it swallowed Mo Xi’s cock, stoppering up all of the come that Mo Xi had let out into him from leaking. Gu Mang’s taut belly rose and fell, and no one could have possibly imagined that the inside of this strong, muscular man’s body, was at this moment, full of another man’s come.

Gu Mang zoned out for a while, and while being kissed tenderly by Mo Xi, he suddenly laughed. He asked, “Why did you come to look for our Young Master?”

“……” Mo Xi was silent for a moment, then with a rare lack of arrogance, he said glumly, “I missed you.”

Gu Mang laughed even more uncontrollably. Looking at the youth lying against his thoroughly soaked body, he said: “What a gentleman. Do you not know how to climb over the wall to look for me?”

Mo Xi was stumped for words.

He had indeed never thought about this before. If he continued to ponder over it, it seemed like what Gu Mang said made a lot of sense…why hadn’t he thought about this before?

Between those flashes of thought, the slave collar clasped around Gu Mang’s neck suddenly lit up.

Gu Mang: “……The Young Master is looking for me.”


“You should probably get going too. I’m here to accompany you for a stroll, not accompany you as a hole.”4[Extremely liberal translation. The literal translation was “I’m here to accompany you for a stroll, not to accompany you for pleasure.” but in Chinese, it was kind of said in a joking, rhyming sort of way, so I wanted to try to convey it as such.]

After this tryst of theirs, for a period of time that followed, until they received orders to set off for battle once again, Mo Xi would frequently come to find him. Although the Wangshu Manor had protection seals, to Mo Xi, they were nothing.

Those times  they slept together, occasionally, while Mo Xi was fucking Gu Mang senseless, Murong Lian would summon for this servant for who knew what reason elsewhere, and the slave collar would tighten around his neck, leaving Gu Mang unable to breath between the torture on both ends, choking as he came, drenching the bedsheets in a mess.

Murong Lian was very impatient, and when he summoned for someone, he was not willing to wait for long, so Gu Mang was often left with no time to clean himself up, hurriedly rushing out as soon as his clothes were put on properly. When he knelt in front of his Murong-gongzi, the come that Mo-gongzi had just shot into him would still be inside him… 

Those days were really quite absurd, and now that he recalled it, Mo Xi’s heart would even palpitate in on behalf of his youthful recklessness.

There were clearly no promises made, no glimpse of a possible future together.

Yet it seemed as if they could continue to fall into each other’s arms for a lifetime, a heart that would never grow cold. They had nothing, and could only take their affection, possessiveness, and ownership, and turn them into that sort of intense, desperate intimacy.

One was a lofty, virtuous young master, and the other a servant of Wangshu, with lowliness carved into his bones.

The most heartstopping of scandals.

Yet it also encompassed the most heartwarming of young love.

Those were the best days of their youth.

At this moment, in the illusion, with Gu Mang also sent inside, the “Dream of Longing” would evoke the hidden desires within his heart. What sort of situation would he see, when he pushed the door open and entered?

Mo Xi clenched his teeth, glaring at that door that he had seen countless times before.

Under this kind of circumstance, if he responded to Gu Mang’s needs, provoking Gu Mang’s temptation, the “Dream of Longing” would gain more strength and further drag Gu Mang deeper into it.

But if he did not respond at all, that ghost had drugged Gu Mang, and he didn’t even need to think to know what kind of drug it was. If  he did not receive any alleviation in time, or take the antidote, he would perhaps be tormented into madness all the same.

…As he waited for the Emperor’s assistance to arrive, all he could do was try his best to stall for time, and preserve Gu Mang’s clarity.

Mo Xi was silent for a beat, then, lifting a hand, he finally pushed the door open——

In what seemed like a split second, he was abruptly shoved against the door by the person inside. In the darkness, those helplessly frantic blue eyes met with his own, and before he could say a word, his lips were captured by trembling ones.

The author has something to say:

It’s almost Lunar New Year’s, and there’s ultra-many things to do in the 3D world, I’m so busy I’m about to turn into a spinning top!! Even if I wake up really early in the morning there’s not enough time QAQ So Meatbun wants to be lazy tomorrow and not update, take the day off. Saving manuscripts makes me anxious uuuu!! May all my brothers and sisters please be magnanimous owowowowowow!!! Love you all! mu~ah!

Common Ways of Address》—— I saw that there are some friends in the comments that don’t know who Xixi is, so let me put together a summary of the common nicknames and ways of address~~ Some of these names are used in the comments area, some are alternate addresses in the main text. I’ve tidied it up for the convenience of my friends who don’t know to have a look~~ muahaha5[she actually uses 咩哈哈, with 咩 being “mie”, or the sound of sheeps bleating]~~

Several Ways to Address Mo Xi: Big Dog, Princess Xixi, Xi-mei, Xihe-Jun

Several Ways to Address Gu Mang: Mangmang, Beast of the Altar, Mang-zai6[崽 means young child/animal, so it’s like calling him Little Mang? sorta]

Several Ways to Address Murong Lian: A-Lian, Lian-mei, That Damned Pervert (= = lights a candle on A-Lian’s behalf), Wangshu-Jun, Secretary7[The chinese word for Secretary is 书记 (shūjì) which would type similary to shu-jun…explaining the next comment from meatbun] Wang (- – this is a frequent typo of mine, as I type and type Wangshu-Jun it becomes Secretary Wang)

Jiang Fuli: Jiang the Fox8[Fox in Chinese is 狐狸 (húlí), so it’s a pun] (Respect to Fujian People9[OKAY I had to dig really long and hard for the reference, but there’s some kind of saying that Fujian/Hokkien people and foxes don’t get along, and it originates because Hong Taiji visited Minnan (southern Fujian), and misheard the men hollering “Give you a kiss (给你亲)” in Minnan dialect as “Vixen (狐狸精)”, thus branding all women that bewitch men as vixens…???? Don’t quote me on this I am just going off by the only comic I can find on this reference.]!), Healer Jiang

Yue Chenqing: Xiao Yueyue10[小 (xiǎo) means Little]

Jiang Yexue: Elder Qingxu

Translator’s Note: i never want to translate ppp ever again set me free

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