Stains of Filth (Yuwu)

Title: Stains of Filth / Yuwu (余污)
Author: Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat (肉包不吃肉)
Status: Completed (196 chapters + 18 extra chapters)
Original Source: jjwxc
Genre: Xianxia, War, Politics, Danmei (BL)
Suggested Rating: R18 for violent and sexual content
Translators: Yuwu Nation Support Club (seal & liyou)
Translation Status: On-going

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A brief introduction:

(Introduction taken and translated directly from the jjwxc page)

Table of Contents


  1. I thought Mo xi would be my favorite character because he kinda reminds me of Lan Zhan. But , boy, was I wrong. Lanzhan would go against the whole cultivation world and his priciples for weiying but So far mo xi has only been lamenting about how his Gu Mang gege had helped him in the past and how he hates him now since he’s a traitor. Like can you blame Gu Mang though? If he was my man I’d fighting along side him against a country thats so classist that it cant even give proper burial to its soldiers who died defending that country because they were slaves, xihen-jun make it make sense!

    1. When i read it first, i hated moxi for hurting Gumang too much even though he was amnesiac but when i found out that there was a reason why he seemed to hate Gumang too much because moxi’s father was beheaded by the person he trusted the most which was his own assistant commander.And i think he not hating Gumang but the word ‘traitor’.

    2. The way the main characters are forced to be on opposing political sides though!
      When Gu Mang rebelled against Chonghua- he really was foolish to just up and leave for a foreign country instead of taking his soldiers with him or trying to stage a coup. Instead, when he left, the emperor was going to slaughter all 70,000 of his troops because they were mostly born from slaves and he thought they had the potential to turn traitor. Plus the emperor was going to ban all slaves from the right to study cultivation. Mo Xi put his neck on the line to prevent all this and reduce the social fallout for the marginalized groups Gu Mang himself represents- but in order to do so, he had to take a heavenly oath to never turn traitor against Chonghua! In short, if Mo Xi ever breaks rank to stand by Gu Mang, now he would be struck dead by a lightning bolt from Heaven on the spot!

  2. Thank you so much for the translations, It’s so good. I’ll patiently wait for the next update because mtl is trash. Get well soon ♥

  3. Tomorrow is my birthday…. Why I torturing myself…. Reading this….. Just a few chapters and I can’t hold my tears

  4. Thank you so much for this awesome translation! 😍 It’s soooo good and easy to read~ Patiently waiting for new chapters. Hope you will have the strength and inspiration to finish the novel! Please don’t drop it 😊

  5. hello!! i’d like to say thank u so much for picking up this novel, and thank you for the translations!! <3 when i found out about this novel, i couldn’t stop reading that i cried at almost every chapter ;;u;; i think you guys did a very good job on the translations!! i’m very curious about gu mang – what is actually in his mind? what does he thinks of mo xi? and i love that despite mo xi keeps saying that he hates gu mang, we all know that he loves him so much that he doesn’t mind dying for him and i think that’s very romantic but also angsty ;;; i’d love to read more from you guys! but no pressure tho!! you can take your time w the translations :] will be following you <3

  6. Seal how are you there?! Are you alright ? Seal did you stuck in a microwave with shizun! When will Seal come back from microwave *uwu face*

  7. Its been a month since the last chapter and i look forward to next chapterss ! I hope that there is no problem and you are allright..

  8. Thanks for tl sooo much ! I was waiting for this one such a long time. I hope you will keep translate this masterpiece till the end. I am grateful, all my best wishes with you <3

  9. Hello! Seal! My name is Jeff, I am from Indonesia and a fan of your translated fanworks, I have read your English version of “Remnants of Filth” that you have translated from Chinese and I am with my friend very excited to translate it into Indonesian. Can I ask your permission to translate your version into Indonesian and upload it to my Wattpad account ? I will be course put you on the credit so that people will also be interested to read your works and of course I’ll link back my translation to you asap. My wattpad account link is

    Thank you very much for your attention. I would be waiting for your reply soon ❤


    1. I check this page almost everyday, but no new chapter for almost two months 🙁 I am so into this novel, and i really want to know about ximang. Did you abandon yuwu ? Please doont 🙁

      1. I check this page almost everyday, but no new chapter for almost two months 🙁 I am so into this novel, and i really want to know about ximang. Did you abandon yuwu ? Please doont 🙁

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