Reckless (Qing Kuang)~2 MINS READING TIME

Title: Reckless / Qing Kuang ( 轻狂 )
Author: WuZhe ( 巫哲 )
Status: Completed (120 chapters + 7 extras)
Original Source: jjwxc
Genre: School Fiction, Danmei (BL)
Translator: nova
Translation Status: On-going

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(Unofficial/Fan) English Translation of the Chinese Danmei novel 轻狂 (Qing Kuang) by 巫哲 (WuZhe). Title seems to be the second half of the phrase 年少轻狂 (nián shào qīng kuáng) which refers to the way young people tend to handle matters, frivolously and recklessly.
A very light read: ideal if you’re looking for something with a not-so-intricate plot, since it’s set in high school.
+ Thank you to Seal who has very kindly allowed me to cross-post my translation here from Wattpad as backup!

CP: Smart-mouthed basketball captain that is surprisingly acquiescent x Rich Young Master that likes to front
No designated top/bottom [Switch CP]

Plot Summary:

Disclaimer: No actual plot description from WuZhe on jjwxc, so this is the translator’s attempt.

Huo Ran, infamous for his quick temper throughout the school, his exceptional skills at basketball got him appointed captain of the school team in his first year.

Kou Chen, the transfer student that liked to boast. There were all sorts of rumours about him: that he had a good family background. That the reason he’d transferred from far away was because he’d hit a teacher. That he was exceptionally good at fighting.

These two, who had clashed during a basketball match in the previous semester and were left with unfavorable impressions of each other, have now been allocated into the same class.

Would sparks fly?

…Probably, but perhaps not in the way you’d expect.

Table of Contents:

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