Just some housekeeping

  • I am a Malaysian-born Chinese, and my family does not come from a Mandarin-speaking background. I studied Mandarin up until high school but promptly forgot almost all of it apart from conversational Mandarin. While I am a professional Japanese-English translator and do have a background in translation work and am confident on the English half of the translation, I am only semi-fluent in Mandarin, and I am learning as I translate. Do feel free to point out any mistakes that I have made – I would much rather constructive criticism making its way to me rather than hear about people criticising my work behind my back. Please read this twitter thread for more details.
  • My personal preference is to translate as much as possible in a figurative rather than literal way, as I personally believe that is the best way for me to share the content without losing the charm of the original text. I try my best to focus on maintaining the energy rather than the full accuracy, however I will always leave footnotes for anything I change drastically. If you prefer more literal translations, unfortunately I am not your girl.
  • Since I work alone and am an absolute gremlin that needs immediate gratification upon finishing something, there will be no fixed update schedule other than the vague promise of at least one chapter a week, and I will update chapters as soon as I’ve pretended to edit them. I am currently collaborating with a friend for Yuwu, so this doesn’t apply for that. We still do not have a fixed schedule but will update approx 2-3 chapters a week.
  • I either purchase all the VIP chapters of novels I am translating, with the exception of chapters which may have already been locked by the web publisher prior to me purchasing/downloading it, or I own the physical copies (or both).

    I strongly encourage readers to also support the authors if you really enjoy their novels, even if you can’t read the original language! Here is a link to a JJWXC Guide if you are stuck. Ratings are very important for webnovels, every amount of support counts!
  • I refuse to run ads here on a personal principal and I am not doing this to make money nor recover any costs. While this site is self-hosted, it is money that I am already spending for my IRL portfolios and thus doesn’t add a cent, and the domain address itself is for my own self-satisfaction and I would continue to renew it even if this site remained blank forever.

    If you’d like to thank me for my translations, first, please do consider buying the official chapters, but if you feel even after that is not enough, here is my kofi…of which I will really just use to buy coffee.
  • At the moment I do not have any intentions of picking up another project, but I may translate a few excerpts or extras here and there. I do not accept requests to translate nor commissions (I’m not confident enough and I only want to t/l what I want to t/l), but I am open to recommendations of novels to read if you’d like to softly hint at what you think I should consider translating in the future. My kink is shizuns (wow, big surprise), 1v1 HE, younger tops, tsunderes & kuuderes tasty, favourite trope is enemies/rivals to lovers and estranged childhood friends who reunite.
  • I may help host/cross-post some projects from friends who don’t have their own websites to post them on, so do feel free to check those out too! I don’t do anything for those chapters whatsoever so please extend your comments and thanks to them.

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